Though Scante IoT / CX app systems work with a wide array of IoT data connectivity options, we're building partnerships and built-in capabilities with the world's leading companies


In early 2017, we're adding built-in support for eWon Netbiter and Argos network.  If you'd like to quickly and affordably provide branded IoT / Customer Experience apps using your existing Netbiter devices, we can help.


HMS and eWon are second to none in secure IIoT connectivity for your machines.  Scante systems have standard integrations to Flexy devices and Talk2M; HMS eWon's industry leading, highly secure, global network for machine data connectivity.

Flexy devices can be set up and adding data to a Scante IoT/CX app system in minutes. Your entire globally deployed fleet can be quickly connected and available in your apps to both internal and customer end-users.