Solar powered beacon announced

Credit: Fujitsu Laboratories

Credit: Fujitsu Laboratories

Fujitsu’s just announced a solar powered, flexible substrate Bluetooth LE beacon which seems like quite a nice little package.  While Tile and other competitors rely on batteries or power connections, the Fujitsu unit gets by on a small solar cell.  With a conformal, flexible substrate and (apparently) onboard GPS, it could be a winner in many applications.

Products like this are going to play a huge role in IoT and customer experience applications.  The most common currently identified use cases in retail and location tracking are the smallest tip of a very large iceberg.  You’re going to start seeing many, many more beacon projects beyond the retail store and tracking your keys.

We’re gearing up to work with beacon technology in Scante’s IoT driven customer experience apps and keeping an eager eye out for the infrastructure initiatives required for wide adoption of beacons in manufactured products.

As some of those systems fall into place over the next couple of years, watch out: Beacons are going to be everywhere on practically everything. IoT and customer experience apps – the tools manufacturers are going to rely on for the majority of customer interactions — will be forever changed.

The combination of beacons, IoT and customer facing mobile apps will change the way companies do customer support, parts, services, loyalty, marketing, and most of their customer contact. If you’re interested, give us a shout.  We’ll be glad to discuss in detail and show you what we’ve been doing with these ideas.